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Australian Lamb: Five Things to Know

1. Australian lamb is a high quality and convenient protein.

  • From free-range/naturally fed lambs
  • Free of artificial additives
  • Naturally lean and tender, trimmed of excess fat and bone
  • Delicious, mild flavor
  • Convenient cuts available in your grocer's meat department are vacuum-packed for freshness

2. Australian lamb is good, and good for you!

  • Australian lamb is an all-natural product. Australian lambs are raised naturally on lush green pastureland.
  • Lamb is a valuable source of protein, minerals and B-group vitamins including niacin, thiamin and riboflavin.
  • A 3 oz. serving of grilled lamb leg steak provides 26% of iron, 33% of zinc and 108% of niacin RDI.
  • Lamb is lean and low in cholesterol compared to other animal proteins.*
  • 50% of the fat in lamb is mono-unsaturated.
  • 3 oz. serving of topside lamb steak has 5 grams of fat compared to 8 grams in beef and pork composite cuts and 10 grams in Atlantic salmon.
  • Lamb provides two times more iron than chicken or pork and six times more than fish.

* Data Source; USDA, 1999 Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Supplementary Data on Australian Lamb.

3. Australian lamb is available at retailers across the country.

Look for the Product of Australia stamp, as Australian lamb is marketed under a number of different brands in the United States including: Southern Cross, Aussie Lamb Brand, Country Meadow, Opal Valley, Country Meadow and Mt. Grambie.

4. Australian lamb recipes for every night of the week are available for free from www.australian-lamb.com.

5. Many of America’s finest chefs use Australian lamb in their restaurants.

Get inspired to cook Australian lamb at home from some of America's finest chefs, including Anita Lo of Annisa in New York City, José Andres of Café Atlantico and Jaleo in Washington, D.C., Dean Zanella of 312 in Chicago and Erik Cosselmon of Kokkari Estiatorio in San Francisco.